Brewery Tour...

Nothing replaces an up front and personal tour of the magical place that we call the Cricket Hill Brewery...and magic is exactly what happens here!!! We make "Some of the finest beers ever made on the planet Earth" by combining 5 basic ingredients - Barley, yeast, hops, water...and PASSION!!!

We invite you out to our brewery - Thursdays from 4PM till 7PM, Fridays from 4PM till 7PM, & Saturdays from 12 Noon till 4PM for our Tap Room Hours & Brewery Tours. No reservations required!!!

In the meanwhile, click the link below for a brief tour of the brewery, then watch the video below to see what you're missing if you don't stop by on Friday!!!

Click Here For Our Brief Tour

Watch one of Reverend Rick Reed's Tour Speeches below...


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